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Cultural Trips

Cultural Trips

Exotic Tours, always quick to respond to the concerns of contemporary travelers, has planned a wide package of journeys with an intense cultural element.

The World Tour Organization (WTO) regards as cultural the journey that is basically motivated by cultural experience and includes educational tours, theatrical performances, festivals, pilgrimage visits, archeological sites, monuments and museums combined with an insight in the natural environment, folk culture and art.

Nowadays, cultural tourism is a significant type of tourism. The cultural incentive was and still is one of the chief reasons why a traveler travels.

Each destination is an unparalleled journey on the history of the planet, from Halong Bay with its islands of scenic beauty and Hoi An of interesting architecture, to Vietnam and the famed Angkor Wat in Cambodia (all of them in UNESCO’s World Heritage list), to mystical unspoilt Burma (Myanmar) with its gilded pagodas and the serene Buddhist monks, the magnificent Himeji castle and mount Yoshino, Japan’s most famous cherry blossom viewing spot with 30000 trees, to the art deco city of Hastings and its apple festival in New Zealand, Exotic Tours’ top-notch care will make sure you live these unique experiences to the full.

Furthermore, Exotic Tours has special programs available for you to discover the kingdom of Bhutan, to contact your innermost self in a fabulous destination, or travel and explore Ubud, a distinctive village in Bali that combines the magic of Balinese tradition with artistic creativity. Galleries, museums, local artisans’ workshops flanked by Hindu temples and luxurious hotels create a distinctive atmosphere in the mystical and tropical landscape of the island.

Moreover you can see the cultural treasures of Iran, walk the road of silk at Isfahan and Persepolis, visit the city of gold, Johannesburg in South Africa or admire Machu Picchu, the last shelter of the Incas in Peru, roam the maze-like cobbled streets of Valparaiso in Chile, walk the land of the Mayas in Guatemala and climb up the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico.

Exotic Tours will be your guide to journeys that cultivate the mind and uplift the spirit!

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