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Brazil & The Amazon

Brazil & The Amazon

Frenetic nights, music, carnival, sensuality… Days transformed into happy moments that will make this an unforgettable journey! Brazil is a dream destination for most, as it is a country of countless natural attractions, bustling cities, picturesque villages and it’s also home to the biggest part of the Amazon Jungle, the magnificent broad-leafed rainforest. Your journey to Brazil, the fifth biggest country in the world, which extends over half the area of the Latin America and occupies a large swathe of land between the Andes and the Atlantic Ocean, will carry you away and out of your comfort zone.

Which is the best destination to start your journey and acquaintance with Brazil from? But, of course, Rio de Janeiro! The most exotic and lascivious metropolis in the world. Many are the destinations that will seduce you here. The song-inspiring Copacabana beach, with its 4,5 Kilometers of sand, the most popular touristic spot in Rio. The sand is dotted with glistering sunbathing bodies, boys playing footvolley and peddlers from the favelas. From Copacabana one can easily reach the neighboring beaches of Ipanema and Leblon. However, there are more symbols to Rio, such as the Maracana Stadium and the majestic statue of Christ the Redeemer. Standing tall at 38m, it’s conspicuous from every part of the city. If Brazil is a synonym to football, then Rio is a synonym for Carnival. The frenetic pagan celebrations of the best carnival worldwide are a source of life for Brazilians.

Your next destination while travelling in Brazil is another metropolis: the capital Brasilia. Seen from above, the city resembles a butterfly, upon the wings of which the buildings are constructed – all designed in clear-cut straight and curved lines. The UNESCO World Heritage listed city center with its white, modern constructions was chiefly designed by Oscar Niemeyer, Brazil’s most famous architect.

Another destination in Brazil, that will make your journey on the country of coffee and samba unforgettable, is Salvador, the capital of Bahia State. This is an attractive colonial city with ravishing beaches. Moreover, Sao Paolo, with its soaring skyscrapers, will captivate you and display the modern face of Brazil.

As your journey to Brazil will take its course to the North, things will gradually change, as you’ll be entering the tropical area of the Amazon. The wild natural beauty and the unspoilt scenery constitute a visually stunning mosaic that can hardly be found anywhere else. In Pantanal you’ll find an immense tropical wetland area and upon viewing the Iguazu Fall you’ll reconsider your concept of Mother Nature, as millions of tons of water fall from a height of a hundred meters creating an awesome sight.

The intoxicating mixture of nature and people in Brazil will certainly win your heart forever!


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