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Culinary Trips

Το καλό φαγητό και το καλό ποτό που το συνοδεύει αποτελούν εμπειρία και κίνητρο για έναν ταξιδιώτη να επισκεφθεί έναν τόπο ξανά και ξανά.

Good food accompanied by good drink are an experience in themselves and an incentive for a traveler to visit a place again and again. Besides, every journey is an opportunity to taste new flavors! Exotic Tours has discovered and prepared for you some unique culinary tours where you can live unprecedented gastronomic experiences. Each destination is a delight in its own right. Iran, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, Peru but also Belgrade, Spain, Portugal, New York… The culinary art and gastronomy comprise the package of a journey rendered memorable through the sense of taste. Food and the procedure of its production and preparation reflect the local cuisine, heritage and culture of a place. The culinary idiosyncrasies of a place are closely connected with the qualitative features of its society while they reveal interesting elements of its cultural and economic history. Furthermore, taste seems to be a communication channel; a way to appeal to the heart. Throughout history peoples’ culinary habits have formed cultural bonds, even stronger than linguistic ones or any other type of influence.

The Greek term “gastronomy”, on an international basis today, characterizes the art of enjoying prime quality food, a concept that includes not only the choice and preparation of food but also its presentation. There’s no denying it – culinary tourism (and this includes enotourism, aka wine tourism) is a growing global trend. According to a survey carried out by the International Tourism Association, 44% of travelers globally regard local cuisines as a major factor in their choice of destination.

Exotic Tours, always at the forefront of new trends, has formed an exclusive partnership with chef-culinary expert Vangelis Driskas and has arranged a series of delectable journeys, rich in cultural elements and intense culinary activity. These journeys were realized with the help and physical presence of Vangelis Driskas himself.

From Michelin-starred fine dining to street-food we have discovered the best and most authentic aspects available in the local cuisine of your desired destinations.

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