Memories beyond imagination! Exotic Tours is a boutique travel agency with more than twenty years of experience. Our services include a wide range of travel options and top expertise in the sector of long haul and exotic destinations.

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Being on a cruise is a constant delight onboard. A unique combination of benefits of high-level hotel infrastructure and entertainment, culinary experiences, an insight of cultures all swathed in the luxury of switching images and landscapes in every different destination at every port.

An exciting travel experience that caters for all tastes and age groups.

In Exotic Tours based on our experience and expertise we provide you with the largest selection and high-quality collection of cruises, whether cosmopolitan or alternative, and we are confident that we will satisfy the most demanding traveler.

Discover idyllic destinations and hidden heavenly places globally, have a fantastic time on board a cruise liner and mingle with new acquaintances.

Exotic Tours works with the most knowledgeable and renowned companies worldwide such as Royal Caribbean, Celebrity cruises, Azamara Club cruises, Paul Gauguin, Seabourn Cruises and many more. We are confident that you will be guided through to choose the cruise of your dreams.

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