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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic 560€

Santo Domingo, also known as Dominican Republic, situated southeast of Cuba and Florida, is an open invitation and a challenge to the senses! By all means, it is an exotic destination and a vacation journey we’d all like to make. It smells of rum, tobacco and spices. The rhythmic sound of merengue, the local music, is omnipresent. In this trip you’ll be faced with some major dilemmas: surfing with or without a sail? Beer or juice? A hammock or a dive? The heavenly destination of the Caribbean!

The island once named Tahiti, changed its name to Hispaniola and later on, half of it was renamed Tahiti and the other half Dominican Republic. After its discovery by Christopher Columbus, almost everybody made an appearance here: the English, the French, Spaniards, Africans, pirates, conquistadors and slaves, all of them blending colors, musics, languages in an amazing setting, thus composing a delightful mixture which makes the travel to the Dominican Republic a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

A turquoise sea, vast white beaches with lush green palm and banana trees, pale-colored Victorian buildings, permanently smiling locals that never cease to dance, exclusive hotels, restaurants serving a delicious, rich cuisine, bars and stores with the trendiest designer clothes. A favorite destination for honeymoon tours, The Dominican Republic will carry you away in its relaxed, idle pace. A destination whose secret is the freedom you actually have to spend your time doing … nothing in particular.

In the Dominican Republic you’ll be spoiled for choice. If you appreciate the complete tranquility of the scenery more than clubbing, then your destination should be the quaint seaside village of Sosua. If, on the other hand, you enjoy partying round the clock, Cabarete, also known as the next Hawaii, is the destination for you.

The Dominican Republic has even more aces up that sleeve, which will make your trip cornucopia of delight. In Santo Domingo, the capital, you will discover an old colonial city with bustling streets, numerous bazaars and open-air markets, and you’ll experience the West meeting the Tropics in Santiago de los Caballieros, in San Pedro de Macoris and in La Romana where the “urban” landscape becomes a multicolored collage.

The colorful tropical paradise of Santo Domingo is inexhaustible, but, as we’ve already mentioned, life on the island moves at its own relaxed pace. All you have to do is bask in the sun while lying on the sand of one of the countless delightful beaches, sipping the local “soft drink” – a pineapple cut in half filled with rum- and let Exotic Tours be your guide in one of the most exotic journeys of a lifetime!

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