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Set on a strategic vantage point, straddling between two continents and two seas, Istanbul is a junction of cultures, a melting pot of peoples and languages accentuating the clash between East and West. An ancient city, immersed in history, yet a modern metropolis with a distinctive character. Istanbul can’t be compared with any other place whether in the East or West. It bears features of both though, harmoniously blended in an amazing coexistence that is obvious upon setting foot on the place.

In modern Istanbul of 17 million inhabitants, a panorama of history and civilization unravels itself before your eyes. Remnants of a millennia-old history, “combos” of eras and cultures make each district a quaint little town within the big city.

The melancholic “sound” of Bosphorous, the incessant wandering within the streets of hidden stories, the heart-warming miracle of Hagia Sophia, the splendid Ottoman opulence, the palaces, the spice stalls and their smells, the palate-seductress of a cuisine, the nine island complex, the mounts of nuts and spices, the old men smoking hookah in dim traditional cafe’s, the domes, the mosques, the bazaars and open air markets, the mind-blowing design hotels of excessive opulence, the hamams and the nightlife, the poverty and wealth standing cheek-by-jowl, the decadence and heyday of the past and the present. This Oriental miracle unravelling itself before your eyes is a place you’ll keep coming back to, because Istanbul is a city that will enchant you and will keep you in captivity within its narrow streets and its memories.

Discover Istanbul with Exotic Tours, because we too have our soft spots! And one of these is definitely Istanbul.


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