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Maldives 1140€

The Maldives is an island country, that consists of 26 atolls and 1,192 coral islets in the Indian Ocean, 700 kilometers on the southwest of Sri Lanka. It is the smallest Asian country, the smallest Muslim nation as well as the journey that any traveler in the know, has to have made already. In sanscritic -allegedly- the word “maladvipa” means “a garland of islands”. Exactly what the Maldives are, that is: a quaint necklace in the Indian Ocean! An intoxicating complex of “Sirens”! Islands full of coconut trees, white beaches and turquoise lagoons, warm waters with coral reefs and a tropical climate all year round. The best destination, the perfect vacation journey, the most luxurious conditions. An ideal destination for newly-weds and demanding bon viveurs.

The capital is Male, a city with a few more than 100,000 inhabitants, which takes up a whole islet. White-washed buildings with light blue windows, impressive mosques and bazaars in the narrow, labyrinth- like streets, are dominant in the scenery. Visit the National Museum, you’ll be impressed by the exhibits that showcase the past of the Maldives.

However, in the Maldives the priority is not to visit museums and archeological sites… The destination of your trip to the Maldives is one of the 70 plus islets with high touristic infrastructure. After Male, heaven is broken down into smaller heavens. You can be transferred there on seaplanes or yachts. There you can kick back on golden sandy beaches under coconut trees, you will dive in the crystal-clear waters to admire the massive colorful coral formations. You will explore ancient shipwrecks and swim next to skates and turtles… Do keep in mind though that underwater fishing is prohibited in order not to disturb the rare wetland habitat. You will tour on dhonis, the traditional wooden boats, around some of the hundreds of virgin islets or venture out on glass-bottomed boats to enjoy the magic of the seabed.

The destination journey is good life. Everything you think possible, is possible in Maldives! This is why delights in the Maldives never end. You’ll taste superb exotic flavors (in high and low budget versions), you’ll do extreme sports, you’ll dine upon fresh seafood accompanied by amazing wines and you’ll indulge in the high-level services offered by the stunning resorts! In this journey you’ll realize that you’re not leaving in a dream, but you’re actually vacating on the Maldives!

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