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The Mecca of Florida the sunny State of America, is a unique destination. Countless hours sunbathing, strolls next to art deco building, shopping, culinary sensations, partying around the clock but a whiff of wild nature too. All these are enough to not only lead you there but also capture and detain you in the brightest part of Florida. On your first walk in Miami you may think you’ve seen it all before – in “Miami Vice” and “Scarface” or “CSI: Miami” more recently. For starters, you will invariably meet Cuban immigrants. Their colorful, ethnic district is the only place in the USA where cigars are made, and it’s the most active culturally, not to mention politically, part of Miami.

Here one can see Versace’s villa, where the famous designer was assassinated, houses formerly inhabited by Stallone and Madonna, but also parts of the city where gangsters have been apprehended, murdered or killed themselves over the years.

Miami is also an ideal shopping destination, as a great number of big shopping centers can be found here. In Dolphin Mall you’ll need to do some walking but it is worth it, as you’ll spot a plethora of designer items with reasonable price-tags, while Bayside Marketplace, set by the sea will give you the laid-back feeling of an open-air market.

However, just 30 minutes from the skyscrapers and the vibrant partying zone, in the Everglades’ area, the nature will astound you. In the alligator park, Gator Park, as you zip through twisting mangrove tunnels on an airboat (a flat-bottomed vessel propelled by a huge aircraft-type propeller) you will get acquainted with the tame, visitor-friendly cousins of Lacoste.

During the past years Miami has become more affordable. Don’t miss out on a trip into its joyous endless summer.


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