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New Zealand

New Zealand

The land of “the long, white cloud” (Aotearoa in the native Maori language) lies in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean, and is the trip of a lifetime for many, as it offers experiences that make it well worth it. It consists of two big islands and many small ones that occupy a combined land area of about 271,000 square kilometers and is marked by volcanoes and glaciation and a wide variety of landforms such as verdant mountains, steep fjords, lakes, rivers, idyllic beaches, all types of volcanic features, lush tropical forests, well organized national parks that justifiably appeal to the international cinema industry, comprising the setting of several box-office hit productions.

The population is a multi-hued mosaic of native Maoris, Europeans as well as significant minorities of Polynesia and Asian inhabitants that swathe the place in a cosmopolitan air. A gem for paradise hunters and a Mecca for adrenaline seekers with top-notch touristic infrastructure, it compels the traveler to return time and again. Caravan routes, where you’ll come across herds grazing in emerald prairies, sailing and cruises on charming islets, surfing and kayaking in idyllic beaches, wine tasting and culinary surprises, skiing, mountain biking, endless hiking trails, and as many adventurous activities as you can take.

On the North Island you have a choice between the exotic Northern part, the snow-capped central mountains and the “sophisticated” South. Important landmarks are Rotorua’s and Taupo’s geysers and hot springs, the multicultural city of Auckland but the capital Wellington too. Upon crossing to the South Island the landscape undergoes a dramatic change with the snowy Southern Alps splitting the island in two, creating a unique setting teeming with mountains, glaciers, lakes, rivers and fjords. Golden beaches and vineyards dominate the northern part, the waves from the Tasmanian sea forge a wild shoreline on the west coast, whereas near the center of the east coast Christchurch is the main access point to the island and an ideal starting point for exploration. A sublime cuisine, that resourcefully accentuates the local fresh produce, and the world-renown wines completing its culinary attractiveness can be a reason in themselves for a visit to New Zealand. Accommodations cover a wide range of lodges, from basic B&Bs to dreamily opulent lodges in majestic settings.

An ideal period to visit is during our wintertime when its summer in New Zealand or, alternatively during our summertime so you can go skiing on the South Island.

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