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Cities of rare natural beauty, wild fjord landscapes and exceptional wealth, compose the backdrop of a country so special that it makes this trip unrepeatable!

In Norway the attraction is the natural landscape itself: the Northern Lights, the fjords, the steep mountains, the Arctic Archipelago… But also, the cities themselves, such as the capital Oslo and the second largest city and capital of the Fjords, Tromsø. Norway offers truly exciting moments and a trip that will be your most cherished experience! Winter travelers will have a chance to enjoy the unique spectacle of the Northern Lights.

Oslo is the most cosmopolitan Scandinavian capital and one of the largest European capitals with an area of 453 square kilometers, but with a comparatively small population. The city’s amazing location at the top of a 110 km fjord, nautical and green, historically attractive, is also the oldest Scandinavian capital (founded around 1050). Medieval buildings such as Akershus Slott, the 1930s style Town Hall (Rådhus) and among the attractions, the Royal Palace ‘Slott’.

Development in recent years due to the oil fields in the North Sea, (1960) has architecturally transformed the capital with dynamic commercial ports and a mix of old and new architectural styles. With a population of half a million, shops that stay open until late and cosmopolitan streets, cafes and restaurants, it certainly leaves everyone with a cosmopolitan taste.

Among the attractions you will find the Vigeland Sculpture Park, east of Tøyenbadet Park, the Munch Museum and Botanical Gardens and the Tøyenbadet swimming pool complex. From activities and exhibits, you will find something for every mood, such as Edvard Munch’s chilling “Scream”, the National Gallery, the Ski Museum, or the open window on History of the unforgettable Viking Ship Museum!

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