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Phuket 595€

A journey to exotic Phuket in Thailand, with the ultra luxurious hotels, the most authentic massage and the best beaches in the world.

The tropic of Paradise. A heaven that can be found on Earth, more specifically, among the Southern Provinces of Thailand, in the Andaman sea. All you need for an unforgettable journey is there. Destination: Phuket. The island whose exotic beauty and lush vegetation adorn the long neck of the Thai Peninsula. The miracle of Phuket dubbed the “Pearl of the South” by the travel industry, emerges just two hours from Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. It is the biggest and most populous island of the country as well as its major tourist attraction.

A journey to this place will make you feel you are part of a movie.

Amazing landscapes, palm tree forests spreading all the way down to white, powder-fine sandy beaches. Further down, a gentle, transparent wavelet lapping up the shore, acquiring emerald hues as the sea deepens. Unforgettable images that will stay with you for a long time following your journey to Phuket. A destination that shows visitors the way to nature, animals, marine parks, picturesque fishing villages as well as the game played between sea and rocks, rivers and sea.

Phuket is-justifiably-regarded as a top honeymoon destination over the past years! Thousands of newlyweds opt for it on the first journey of their life together.

With the lengthy and world renown Patong beach as the center where all the frenetic party race flourishes, Phuket offers the luxury of its numerous exclusive hotels with the endless amenities and the second-to-none hospitality of the accommodating, polite people. In addition, if you’re a massage enthusiast, Phuket is the perfect destination for you. For here you’ll find its most authentic version as well as the art of aromatherapy. Also, do not hesitate to embark on a tasty trip in sour sweet Thai cuisine that sets palates on fire, as well as enjoy fish and seafood (nowhere else in the world will you eat a cheaper lobster!). Furthermore, in Phuket, you’ll be entranced by the zoo, you’ll go trekking on an elephant or on a jeep ride, scuba diving, day trips on the surrounding islands and you’ll experience entertainment at its best. But Phuket is a destination of beaches. Nowhere else on the planet will  so many and such staggering beaches be packed in a single trip. Just remember the movie “The Beach” with brilliant Leonardo Di Caprio and book your tickets today!


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Phuket – 8 days (pdf)
Phuket – 8 days (doc)

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Optional Excursions (doc)


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