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A journey to Quebec, Canada is a journey to history, art, architecture and the harmonious coexistence of man and nature. Every part of the city is impressive but the historic neighborhood of Old Quebec is especially attractive. Quebec is perched on Cap Diamond rock next to where the St. Laurentis river flows into the sea, opposite the charming Il d’ Orleans, and it’s the capital of the same-named province. An excessively touristic city, with a history that dates back 400 years – the oldest city in Canada – where you’ll travel with the top-notch care offered by Exotic Tours. It’s the only officially French-speaking city in Canada. The French element is evident in the whole of Quebec, turning it into cradle of French civilization in North America.

The old city is surrounded by fortification that protected it from the British and is still in top-notch condition. This is the reason why Quebec City has been included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Despite its fort, Quebec extends a warm welcome to visitors. Exotic Tours recommends that you start your tour at the citadel, where you might meet uniformed Canadian soldiers in a military ceremony, and you can continue your walk through narrow cobbled streets, where you’ll admire Chateau Frontenac, a historic hotel dominating the area with its imposing presence. Visit it and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee or taste the local favorite food, a poutine dish, French fries with sauce and cream cheese.

You will also see Artillerie Park, a historic place, that belonged to the fort of the city. The Dufferin terasse, right under the exclusive Chateau Frontenac hotel, where you can take a wonderful walk next to the Saint Laurent river, and Maison Chavalier, another historic building dating back to 1752 and is a splendid example of the interior design of the city’s houses. The ravishing Place Royal is, one might think, an image out of the past. Within the Old City or a little further the visitor can admire well-kept buildings constructed between the 17th and 19th century, like the provincial Parliament, the National Fine Arts Museum and the Civilization Museum. Notre-Dame of Quebec is also worth a visit, the first basilica cathedral   built in North America. Another interesting building is the Capitole theatre in Youville, which was constructed in 1903 and in winter it doubles as a skate ring.

What will invariably impress you in the city is a series of murals that have been created during the past 15 years, turning the streets into a real tourist sight and one-of-a-kind art gallery globally. If you schedule your trip for winter, you’ll have the opportunity to attend the biggest wintry celebration, the Winter Carnival, where people are guided through humongous ice sculptures, take part in boat rides in the half-frozen river and dance on the streets over a period of ten festive days. We, Exotic Tours, promise to offer you a second to none journey on this wonderful city with the amazing architecture that resembles closely the style and architecture of many European cities. You will certainly be fascinated by its harmony and its genuine character.


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