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Samui 695€

Two little words, two tiny exotic words. Koh Samui. Delight and relaxation. This could easily be the translation for this little island in the Gulf of Thailand. Because only delight and relaxation is what you’ll gain to the utmost degree from a journey to this place. Smaller, quieter, prettier than cosmopolitan Phuket, it is the perfect destination for low profile vacations. A trip to verdant Koh Samui is a direct and penetrating contact with the unassuming side of the Thai philosophy. By maintaining its exotic and authentic character and offering toned-down entertainment choices, it constitutes an alternative destination that agrees with even the most demanding travelers. And, naturally, it’s no wonder that Koh Samui is considered to be an ideal honeymoon destination, as it combines exclusive hotels with all the amenities newlyweds seek, lush vegetation winding down to palm fringed seasides, and vast white sand beaches with crystal clear waters.

Koh Samui Isle, set relatively close to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, covers an area of a mere 13,1 sq. Km and, along with some nearby islets, comprises a national marine park. Every destination in this journey reveals an image seemingly out of a card postal. The north part of the island is more advanced, while, as one moves to the south, things get increasingly … private.

Along Koh Samui, you shall come across dozens of fishing villages, coconut and bamboo groves, wild tropical vegetation, Buddhist temples, pagodas and clear waters. You shall indulge in the aura of this distinctive destination, you’ll swim in wonderful seas, you’ll lodge in exclusive hotels and interact with hospitable, courteous locals. A journey to Koh Samui can be complete only after a visit to another unique destination: Ang Thong National Marine Park, located in the archipelago of the same name. Countless caves, enchanting lakes and surreal rock formations are dominant in the scenery of the 42 islands of Ang Thong. Nevertheless, what will be indelibly impressed in your memory is the sight of Mae island, with its inland marine lake. Koh Samui is a quality travel option where time stands still under the bright sky of Thailand. With its distinctive relaxed atmosphere, it will surely grow on you. And you’ll accept it with no reservations.


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