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The fastest up-and-coming city in Europe, Belgrade, is a gorgeous capital with a lot of contradictions that exudes vivaciousness and a distinctive alternative vibe, deeply marked by a long history.

A quick stroll around the city center with the imposing buildings will have you smitten. You can feel the city balancing like a trapeze artist between the old and the new, between modernization and the deeply imprinted marks of times long past… It has been -rightfully- dubbed the Balkan Berlin for the alternative aura it sends out and its intrinsic pizzaz, evident day and night. Attractive, alluring, modern, full of parks, little bars and hotels, an intense culinary scene… An entrancing destination only 1 hours’ flight from Athens or Salonica.

Historically, it’s one of the oldest European cities, built by the Celts in the 3rd century B.C. The central vintage pedestrian street, Skardalija, and the shopping zone of Prince Michael Street are frequented by street musician groups, while you’ll also find a profusion of art galleries, antique shops, stores, picture-perfect cafes, atmospheric bars and plenty of restaurants. The beautiful and proud Serbs are a hospitable and agreeable people, while their inexhaustible liveliness colors the city red 24/7.

Everything can be found in Belgrade, from lovely squares and exquisite buildings, churches and Habsburg Palaces, artistic districts, street bands, to the most stylish clubs and restaurants in Europe.

The city enjoys every moment with its visitors. With you.


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