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“The Hollywood of the North”

With Exotic Tours guiding you around Vancouver, you’ll find out why it is considered to be the most beautiful city in Canada and one of the top ones when it comes to life quality. Built in the westernmost part of the country, the capital of the forest-shaded province of British Columbia is an impressive metropolis. It will bring to mind mixed elements of New York, Chicago and San Francisco, but it’s none of these, as it has got its own distinctive character.

Modern and multicultural, it will offer you a range of opportunities: skiing in the nearby mountains in the morning, sunbathing on a Pacific beach during the afternoon and later on taking a relaxed walk in the biggest urban park of North America, Stanley Park, with 8,000,000 visitors per year. Here, you’ll be welcomed by Native American totems carved on thick tree trunks. In the park you’ll find one of the biggest aquariums globally, with 56,000 species of animals. But it’s not only Stanley Park. Vancouver has another 175 parks that you’ll be able to admire riding the Sky Train!

“There’s no end to surprises.”

Exotic Tours recommends wandering around Gastown, the old historic part of town, dating back to 1867. Its trademark is the Steam clock which, every hour on the hour, “whistles” a song taking advantage of steam power. It is regarded as the second most often photographed outdoor clock after the Big Ben.

The restored buildings of Gastown are typical examples of Victorian architecture and currently host elegant boutiques, antique and souvenir shops, atmospheric restaurants, outdoor cafes and galleries.

Upon leaving Gastown, take a walk on the Chinese neighborhood of the city! Vancouver is home to the second biggest Chinatown of North America, following that of San Francisco.

Upon request, Exotic Tours can organize a small gateway trip on the nearby islet Granville Island. An old industrial, manufacturing area, it has received much acclaim in recent years for being the perfect example of sustainable redevelopment in North America.

Street painters and wandering singers create a lovely atmosphere, and in the open-air Public Market you’ll lose yourself within a colorful bazaar of fruit, vegetables, pastries, fish and meat. The lilliput Granville Island is the ideal spot for a romantic dinner next to the Pacific, enjoying the view of the impressive skyscrapers of the city.

Book your journey to Vancouver with the guaranteed comfort offered by Exotic Tours and see and feel for yourselves why this city is considered the ideal city to live globally!


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