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Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi 510€

Abu Dhabi is a fresh touristic destination, whose allure commenced with its airline company Etihad Airways which has been sweeping awards in several categories and the “Emirates Palace” hotel for which “luxurious” is just an understatement. The emirate’s global recognition was initially prompted by the construction of the Formula 1 racetrack that attracted jet setters of international caliber, not to mention lucrative sponsors.

However, future projects of colossal scale are currently underway and are even more impressive. Ultra-luxurious hotels and vacation complexes, shopping malls, residential resorts and all sorts of facilities are being constructed to please the tourists. International luxury hotel chains such as Intercontinental, Marriott and Accor have already opened their first hotels, followed by Arabian high-end chains. The cultural park on Saadiyat island, a massive commercial, residential and leisure project is currently under construction and it will house, amongst other things, the national museum designed by the Lord Norman Foster as well as a large number of cultural centers and museums – all of them designed by acclaimed architects, where a continuous flow of international exhibitions and festivals will be hosted, while the structure is also flanked by a golf course and a majestic beach on either side.

Naturally, it will be connected with the city by a 7-minute drive on the newly-widened 10-lane mega highway. The first Ferrari theme park is also a fact and it’s a motorsport den for fans of the red company from far and wide, comprising more than 20 special routes, interactive shopping spots, authentic Italian cuisine a.s.o.. Monte Carlo Beach Club, the sole little brother of the famous Riviera Club, is a place where pre-booking is highly advisable, seeing as the cabanas, the incredible pools and the decks are a number-one favorite with visitors. The gargantuan shopping malls of Abu Dhabi are a compulsive shopper’s dreamland as they bring together all the brands of the world within their opulent premises. The central market -souk- of the city is now open with 250 stores selling jewelry, clothes, fabrics, spices and other items of the local culture, a shopping oasis for tourists and locals alike.


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