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Alaska Cruise

Alaska Cruise

The word “Alaska” is awe-inspiring for most of us. Glaciers, waters, eternity, endless light that alternates with impenetrable darkness…

In reality, Alaska has a wonderful verdant ecosystem, undreamt-of attractions, ravishing fauna and, above all, the sense of eternity offered by the jaw-dropping beauty of the ice. There’s no better way for one to explore the scenery of remote Alaska than a voyage on a cruise liner. Exotic Tours will introduce you to the cruise culture that has reached unfathomable levels of luxury nowadays.

Alaska expands its serene vastness over an immense area. It is bounded by Canada on the East, while its coastline is covered by both the Arctic and the Pacific Ocean. It is blessed with unique natural resources and minerals such as gold, oil, natural gas and is rich in fish and timber.

This remote and frozen land invites you to discover it. Modern cruise liners offer all the facilities of the most impressive hotels globally, the hip moments of trendy bars and posh restaurants, the cool of the best spa centers and the blissful zen of the Orient. Spend a few days roaming the widely varied Alaska in style as an explorer, in an experience that will be indelibly impressed in your memory.

Exotic Tours will be your navigator in one of the most outstanding journeys of your life!


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