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Bali 560€

The smile of the locals, the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, the beautiful beaches. This is Bali, the top travel destination in Asia. Bali, an island in the country with the biggest Muslim population globally, is mainly inhabited by Hindus, which is a significant deviation from the norm in the rest of Indonesia. A mere 8 degrees below the Equator, with ideal weather patterns throughout the year, Bali is regarded as the top honeymoon destination. It is featured on the Top 10 Conde Nast list of exotic destinations.

The journey begins with Exotic Tours as your guide in one of the most zen places on Earth. Where do we start! The staggering natural beauty, the volcanoes or the sea of a thousand colors? The waves of Kuta and the cozy places in Semiyak, the traditional village of Ubud or the amazing temples and Balinese rites? Each destination constitutes a surprise! What shall we praise first in Bali? The hospitality and the rituals of the locals, their foods, the relaxed vibe or the splendid luxury of their hotels? One thing is for sure: what the traveler will certainly realize on this journey is that, if there are heavens on Earth, then this Indian Ocean island is undoubtedly one of them.

The First stop of your journey in Bali will be the vibrant capital, Denpasar. Still, it’s not deprived of its picturesque features, which you’ll experience in folklore art museums and on the streets where a daily festival is put together on the spot with musicians and dancers that do their best to entertain visitors. The next destination, the most tourist-oriented one on your trip to Bali, is cosmopolitan Kuta. A sedate little village by day, with locals offering hospitality and services to tourists, Kuta transforms into a dazzling beauty by night, filled with energy and allure.

Another largely popular spot in Bali is the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, which is well worth a guided visit. Another enchanting destination during your journey in Bali will be the remote Tenganan village, where you’ll encounter various versions of the Gambu dance now on edge of extinction, but also the ruins of Amlapure and Tirta Gangga former royal palaces, which will give you an insight into the life of Balinese royalty.

Bali is an exotic island and, needless to say, it has a lot of beautiful beaches. You will be captivated by Sanur and the beach in Nusa Dua and, if you like diving, Lovina beach is the destination for you to scuba dive and swim with dolphins. No conclusion can be written to this mystical island fairytale. All you have to do is get ready to experience one of the most zen journeys of your life and let Exotic Tours be your guide through it!


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