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Enclosed in the Himalayas, between Tibet and India, Bhutan is a remarkably special place, so far away from everyday routine, eerily silent, offering the ultimate serenity.A  place seemingly out of a movie, with only few tourists, strongly held traditions, Buddhist monks swathed in their maroon robes, traditional homes and monasteries, and obliging, sociable people. The unique biodiversity of the local nature is of unparalleled beauty. Subtropical low-growing plants grow along tall cedars and rhododendrons full of dazzling clusters of fuscia flowers. Prayer flags are everywhere, battered by strong winds, slowly disintegrating spreading compassion, strength and wisdom into all surrounding space. The everyday scenes are most enchanting: farmers furrowing their land with oxen-drawn ploughs, wearing their traditional costume and jewellery, beaming locals chewing betel nuts for strength, oblivious to their teeth’s being colored red, young monks playing knucklebones or basking in the sun, colorful festivals where everybody sings and dances, and all the plant, animal, even phallic symbols painted everywhere around, in homes and shops alike. The mornings are sunny, while the weather gets overcast around noon with clouds bringing some much-needed coolness.

Bhutan is a hiker’s paradise but it will equally appeal to those seeking spirituality and introspection. You don’t have to be a Buddhist to be moved by rituals, hymns and prayers, while the traditional musical instruments, especially the horns with their haunting, softly melodious sound will enchant you. Forget about backpacking, you can only visit this place with a carefully organized plan. Architecturally stunning hotels with views from the foot of the Himalayas will take your breath away.

Discover the kingdom of Bhutan and travel through a fairytale destination to your innermost self.


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