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It is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world. With a size nine times that of Greece it’s got the same population as our country! Before it was claimed by European colonialists, the area occupied by Bolivia today, was a part of the Incas empire. It was conquered by the Spanish on the 16th century and for the longest period of that rule, it was known as upper Peru or Charcas. The declaration of independence in 1809, was followed by 16 years of continuous wars until the establishment of democracy by Simon Bolivar on 6th August 1825. With Exotic Tours you’ll experience this one-of-a-kind country of many faces.

Apart from its terrain variation, Bolivia is a country of contradictions on many levels. The current president Evo Morales, is the first Native American president of the country and a former coca cultivator. There’s been a clash between him and the affluent whites and mulattos living in the East provinces which are rich in natural gas reserves.

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