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Caribbean Cruise

Caribbean Cruise

Our dream islands are located in the Caribbean awaiting your visit on a Floating State ship. Sleeping in the Bahamas and waking up in Aruba, having a view of Guadalupe while swimming in San Domingo, having lunch in Curacao and sipping on some mean cocktails in Belize. The best way to tour the Caribbean is… on board a ship! While you tour, you spend time reveling in the comforts that modern cruise ships have to offer. Exotic Tours will introduce you to the cruise culture that has reached unfathomable levels of luxury nowadays.

The Caribbean is a natural setting for exploration. An invitation to the bluest turquoise of the planet, the most biodiverse flora and fauna, a profusion of colors, aromas and flavors, in the permanent summer we’d all like as part of our life. You shall discover it on board one of the most modern cruise ships offering all the facilities of the most impressive hotels globally, the hip moments of trendy bars and posh restaurants, the cool of the best spa centers and the zen of blissful Orient. Spend a few days roaming the Caribbean in style as an aspiring explorer, in an experience that will be indelibly impressed in your memory.

Exotic Tours will be your navigator in one of the most relaxing journeys of your life.


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