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Finland is the country that has it all. Forests, lakes, islands and of course the village of Santa Claus! From cosmopolitan Helsinki to the forests of Karelia and from the Thousand Lakes region of the North to Rovaniemi, the home of Santa Claus, Finland is an impressive nature-loving destination. Also, the northern lights are one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in Europe as well and the best places to see the northern lights are northern Norway, northern Finland, northern Sweden and Iceland.

For snow activities, a suitable period is from December to March, as it is also an ideal destination for the Christmas holidays. For the spring sun and the revival of nature after winter, the ideal trip is from April to May. For warm summer days and lots of events, choose June, July and August, while for unique autumn color, visit Finland September-October.

Rovaniemi, the city of Finland and the cultural capital of the Lapland region, is the home of Santa Claus. In Rovaniemi you will find many museums, research centers and music venues – such as the Pilke Science Center, the Lapland Chamber Orchestra, and Korundi, the House of Culture, which also houses the Art Museum. Arcticum is the most important museum in the city and its permanent exhibitions offer valuable information about the way of life, culture and history of the Arctic.

You can experience the magic of Christmas every day of the year in places like Santa’s Village and Santapark. Santapark is a theme park for the Christmas season and has been voted the top Christmas destination in the world. An incredible experience is a sleigh ride pulled by reindeer or huskies in the vast snowy forests, as well as crossing the frozen steppe with a snowmobile.

In the south of Finland, Helsinki, a city full of parks, lakes, bridges and canals. A typical image of Helsinki is that of the harbor with its icebreakers and huge ferries, with the old harbor being the heart of the city. Its impressive neoclassical buildings coexist harmoniously with modern constructions, as it is considered the country that pioneers design on an international level. Ideal in spring and summer, wander the Esplanadi avenue with its art galleries for a few moments of relaxation in the cafes and parks. The trip to Helsinki certainly creates the feeling of an organized and friendly world that always fascinates.

Don’t neglect to indulge in the Finnish national sport, the sauna! This is the favorite pastime of Finns, as it helps them to cope with the cold. This relaxing experience is provided in almost all hotels in Helsinki.

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