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Travel to Hawaii: Take a trip to the island chain of Hawaii, the further Northern one of Polynesia, in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. The 52nd USA state comprises an archipelagos of emerald islands, most of them volcanic, yet verdant. Its biggest islands include Oahu, Maui, Kawaii and Hawaii, aka the Big island for the locals.

It is yearly listed among the most popular honeymoon destinations as it boasts a great variety of impressive hotels as well as luxurious resorts with a big range of amenities. The capital and most populous city, Honolulu, is set on Oahu island. A colorful mosaic of ethnic groups can be found there, borrowing influence from Asia, which permeates the culture of the locals who are famed for their hospitality as well as their tasty cuisine.

Its idyllic beaches have offered the ideal setting for popular cinema scenes. Seeing as surfing is the country’s natural sport, the fabulous Waikiki beach can be found in Honolulu, and it has rightly been dubbed the capital of surfing!

The array of Hawaii’s distinctive landforms is particularly rare, ranging from soaring volcanic peaks to verdant rock spires, coral reefs, deep canyons and fertile mountain valleys with rare species of plants and animals. Travel to Hawaii and discover for yourself the lovely volcanic islands that emerged from the sea, the numerous national parks, but also the Hawaiian luau nights scented by hibiscus, the typical flower of Hawaii, along with exotic flavors and traditional hula dance.

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