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Iceland is one of the most enchanting destinations in Europe. This small, geothermally active country is an ideal choice for adventurous travelers seeking spectacular natural sights and a unique cultural experience. Volcanic landscapes, glaciers, waterfalls, hot springs and the search for the Northern Lights will captivate you on this trip.

It is the most sparsely populated country in Europe with a characteristic pure and clean nature, uncontaminated by human influence. Summers are relatively warm and green, while in midsummer the sun does not set completely, but sinks low on the horizon and rises again in the mornings (the Midnight Sun). In the winters the Northern Lights (aurora borealis), green, blue, yellow, pink, light up the night sky and it’s not as cold as you think. The landscape is composed of frozen mountain peaks, the highest of which is Hvannadalshnjúkur, glaciers such as Vatnajökull, the largest in Europe, and the famous craters.

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