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Iran 1240€

Iran is a country that is rich in history, as it has been the cradle of one of the most brilliant civilizations of antiquity, remnants of which can be found in all the cities of Western and Central Iran. In addition, the ensuing propagation and dominance of Islamism established a one-dimensional civilization which is interwoven with Muslim traditions, its elements pervading almost all of the Iranian towns.

Tehran is an exception to this cultural rule as it is completely void of historical past and interest, despite being the capital of this mythical country. Darius, Persian wars, Isfahan, Xerxes, Ferdowsi, Persepolis, Omar Khayyam, Shiraz… Names, personalities, locations and events, all brimming with History and legends, play a decisive role in making up one’s mind to travel to the land of Iran, following on Alexander the Great’s footsteps. Twenty-three centuries after the pass of Macedonian Military Commander, the geographical heart of the Persian Empire insists on keeping alive the heritage of a very ancient civilization, which boasts exceptional spiritual and artistic creations throughout the spectrum of its historical route.

Nonetheless, to walk through the gates of Iran, you need to turn a deaf ear to the propaganda prevalent in the international Media that talks about a forbidden and dangerous country, particularly after the Islamic revolution of 1979 and the establishment of a theocratic regime. In fact, it’s hardly surprising that the ancient Persia featured in school books has been imprinted in most people’s conscience as the equivalent of Islamic fanaticism. This is an unfortunate comparison, however, that couldn’t be further from the travelling truth one will encounter while in Iran.

For, behind the veil of the Islamic revolution, chadors and religious morals, there are people who are refreshingly polite and genuine, who will be delighted to honor you with their sincere hospitality. As foreigners -especially as Greeks- you’ll come across unprecedented respect by the descendants of the Achaemenids, who know how to reciprocate every sign of interest you’ll show for their land as travelers and as people.

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