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It is called Nihon or Nippon by its people and its name is a combination of two ideograms, standing for sun and beginning. Japan consists of four big islands (Hokkaido, Shikoku, Kyushu and Honshu), which are accompanied by thousands of smaller ones and extend over a large part of the Sea of Japan (East Sea).

A journey to a highly developed destination, with a particularly high standard of living, but also the longest life expectancy globally. Japan with its rapid technological development, its metropoles and its modern architecture, is counted among the major economies worldwide.

In stark contrast to its futuristic image, Japan is a country that perpetuates traditions and civilization. A unique destination that will help you experience a travel back in time along with a travel into tomorrow. Enchanting and exotic, it never stops growing.

Gardens, palaces, picturesque villages, Mount Fuji with its perfectly symmetrical cone shape, home to an active volcano, Tokyo National Museum with a comprehensive collection of 110,000 objects, traditional Kyoto and the tallest buildings of the world in Tokyo, make Japan unique.

The modern Japanese lifestyle is based on a combination of traditional and contemporary culture. Martial arts (karate, judo, Kendo, Aikido and Jujutsu), Theatre (No, Kyogen, Kabuki with elaborate make-up and masks, traditional puppet theatre Bunraku) and the tea ceremony, where the importance of spirit, the need for material simplicity along with spiritual freedom and fulfilment are accentuated, will transfer you to times long past.

When it comes to culinary tradition, Japanese cuisine is renown globally. The spontaneous answer to the question “what do people eat in Japan” may be “sushi”, but this doesn’t tell the whole story, seeing as the local cuisine will offer you a journey to a profusion of special recommendations. In Tokyo the sense of taste is highly regarded and this is the reason why the Japanese capital has been distinguished as a culinary destination worldwide, with the biggest collection of Michelin stars around the world. It is worth pointing out that many of the restaurants rewarded the precious Michelin Star serve European dishes.

The traditional garment of Japan is kimono which can be verbatim translated as “thing to wear”. Art and fashion join forces in the designing of a kimono which is characterized by a “T” shape and elaborate decorative patterns. From 1600 to the present day the significance of the kimono has changed, though it still symbolizes the traditional Japanese art.

A journey to the Land of the Rising Sun, art, tea and beyond!

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