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It is the fourth island in the world, with five times the size of Greece and just twice the population. Madagascar is located off the coast of south-eastern Africa in the Indian Ocean. Guided by Exotic Tours, you will explore the island that broke away from Africa 80 million years ago. Its written history begins in the 7th century when the Arabs established settlements on the north-western coasts.

Its unique position, combined with its size, made it sought after by Europeans who sought to dominate it. The Portuguese navigator Diogo Dias was the first to approach it, in 1500. In 1665 the French began the approach, establishing ports on the neighboring islands of Bourbon and Île de France (today Reunion and Mauritius). A pirate haven at the beginning of the 19th century, under British influence later, then a French protectorate, after wars and conflicts Madagascar became independent in 1960. Today, this wonderful country is waiting for you to discover it, enjoy its unique environment and stay in her dream hotels.

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