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Morocco 420€

Close your eyes, dream of one thousand and one nights, let your senses guide you into the fantasy of a place that has made a pass from antiquity and Roman times to Islam, borrowing influence from Europe. Make your request today through Exotic Tours and we will prepare an amazing journey to Morocco.

The country is sheer magic. Its towns are simultaneously both modern and medieval, both French and African, both vibrant and relaxed. Its deserts are tranquil and savage, its fragrances intoxicating yet de-stressing. From Fes to Marrakesh, from Medina to Casablanca, from the Mediterranean to Western Sahara, you’ll be captured by non-stop surprise and awe at the coexistence of so many disparate elements, distinctive civilizations, contrasting sensations, pervading your journey in Morocco from start to finish. Its proximity to Greece creates a sense of familiarity, yet it is an exotic destination, accessible and open to exploration.

Exotic Tours will be your guide in one of the most exotic journeys of your life!


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