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New York

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New York. The city of a thousand faces, which lent its name to dreaming and extravaganza. It may consist the ultimate travel destination! A journey to legendary, song-inspiring New York, is a wish that everyone hopes to see realized at some point. Come and let’s discover together, with the exclusive care that only Exotic Tours knows how to offer to its clients, the most photographed city worldwide. Live in the rhythm of the most exciting metropolis of the planet, where you’re always under the impression that you live in a movie. Explore Manhattan neighborhoods. Theatres, markets, museums, clubs, all kinds of performances, everything conspires to seduce even the most demanding of travelers.

During your journey in New York you’ll be followed by the feeling that you live in the center of the world and that you’re actually a functional part of it. The most recognizable images of the city are those of its iconic sites such as the Statue of Liberty, Central Park – a favorite with New Yorkers as well as with the millions of visitors- the notorious Fifth Avenue, the Theatre District, home to the unique Broadway, neon-lit Times Square, Rockefeller Center, a complex of skyscrapers and gardens, Diamond Row, the diamond district created in the 30s, the building of Paramount and the Public Library and Carnegie Hall, one of the most outstanding concert halls. On your journey to New York you’ll be awe-struck at the Grand Center Terminal with its vaulted ceiling and the majestic marble stairs, Empire State Building, the splendid Museum of Modern Art, also known as MOMA, a pilgrimage-destination for art lovers, with its new bright halls after its recent thorough renovation, the Neo-Gothic-style Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. Patrick that touches the sky as it stands next to the modern black-glassed Onassis Foundation, the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, an eternal symbol of elegance. In legendary “New York – New York” of musicals and theatrical plays, everything works like clockwork, like a huge idea-spawning factory, a giant energy generator, the conductor to progress, the trendsetter that incessantly triggers the unpredictable.

In New York people from all parts of the planet seek success and recognition, the “Big Apple” awarded only to winners. With Exotic Tours you’ll discover this city that is a junction for people from all walks of life, people of every color, ethnicity, religion and cultural background, you’ll feel its intoxicating fragrance and you’ll find out why it is a favorite destination for millions of travelers. New York is the hometown of the American Dream that everyone pursues, the city that runs ahead of its time, where each visit is another lesson on what the future will be like.


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