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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka 880€

Sri Lanka is one of the biggest islands of the Indian Ocean, with a population of almost 21 million, and it is located southeast of India. Famed for its ancient states, religious monuments, precious stones, tea plantations, spices, high temperatures, impressive beaches and tropical forests, Sri Lanka is an island destination that will leave no visitor unaffected. A different, mysterious and enchanting world will unfold before you during your journey on this gorgeous tropical island. A destination of deep spirituality, but also a trip that will impress on you colorful images and strong feelings, Sri Lanka is a unique mixture of contradictions. On this journey you’ll enjoy lovely tropical forests, impressive waterfalls, verdant valleys, old cities in the jungle as well as exclusive hotel complexes and intense nightlife.

The initial destination of a trip to Sri Lanka, known as Ceylon up to 1972, is the city of Colombo. The biggest city and capital in name only, seeing as the official capital is actually Kotte, located very near Colombo. In Colombo the scenery is simply the result of the island’s History: a destination where the presence of colonial architecture is intense – as Portuguese, Dutch and British have successively ruled the island – some impressive buildings, austere homes and colors, scents of Asia. An up-and-coming exotic destination, Sri Lanka with eight monuments classified as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, ranging from ancient cities ruins to incredibly well-kept Buddhist temples, but also with endless golden sandy beaches, verdant valleys, the two big national parks, as well as the genial people; this is simply a dream journey.

A destination you shouldn’t fail to explore during your journey to Sri Lanka is a guided tour of the Sigiriya Fortress near the city of Habarana. It is also known as “Lion Rock” due to the massive lion that used to guard the entrance of an imposing citadel, its major sight being the frescoes of buxom, bear-chested ladies, “the Heavenly Maidens of Sigiriya”, situated in a protected niche of the rock. These impressive frescoes are painted with earth pigments on lime mortar.

Upon departing from Sri Lanka, fill your luggage with souvenirs of this journey, traditional wooden carvings, silk fabrics, fragrances, precious and semi-precious stones, pottery, silver and copper jewelry in exquisite designs, hand-woven textiles, tea and spices.

Sri Lanka is a virgin destination ready to be discovered where the thousand-year-old traditions will transfer you to a different dimension.


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