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In the exotic paradise of Bali there’s a special destination which Exotic Tours invites you to discover if your next choice for a journey abroad is this gorgeous Indonesian island. This destination is no other than Ubud. Built in the “heart” of Bali and “hidden” in endless terraced rice paddies, the small mainland town Ubud is brimming with mystery, magic but also art. An ideal journey destination for meditation, yoga and – why not? – inspiration with a profusion of artistic activities ranging from painting to the art of jewelry, music and dance. Museums, artisans’ workshops nested between Hindu temples and exclusive resorts lending an utterly different tone to the mysterious and tropical landscape of Ubud. In fact, many are those who call it the “painters’ village”, and a walk through its narrow streets is enough to lend credence to this characterization as one can see numerous little galleries housing works of art and handmade souvenirs made of wood.

On your trip to Ubud you will also find out why it is -allegedly- regarded as the top spa destination in Asia. Do not miss out on trying the famous local massage. Acupressure, reflexology, stretching and aromatherapy play a lead role in the services offered in the town.

On your trip to Ubud there won’t be a boring minute. A destination so rich in images always reserves unprecedented thrills. In the sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, the nearby nature reserve, you’ll find hundreds of naughty makakos. You can also cross the area on foot and admire the natural gorges and the charming little villages. The natural beauty is ravishing. You shall see vast stretches, where workers still manually cultivate plantations of rice and coffee, while tropical vegetation “accompanies” hikes next to Ayung river, leading you to amazing spots and majestically constructed temples.

A journey to Ubud is what Julia Roberts did in order to reinvent herself in the movie “Eat Pray Love”. The highlight of the movie, where the famous star is seen cycling through the rice paddies Campuhan Ridge, is a walk definitely worth taking .

Furthermore, Ubud is a perfect destination for one to discover the mainland of Bali. Among the outstanding landmarks one shouldn’t miss Pura Gunung Lebah (upon) Campuhan Temple, which is set in a gorge, where hordes of pilgrims converge to collect holy water for their temples.

According to locals, Ubud houses a guide spirit that can work “wonders” for the soul, mind, even the heart. Let Exotic Tours be your guide on one of the most sophisticated journeys of your life!


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