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Who would have thought, 20 or 30 years ago, that in 2020 Uzbekistan would be one of the hippest destinations for discerning travelers…

The landlocked country surrounded by other similar ones, friendly and welcoming, historic but also promising for the future, is a surprising country and Exotic Tours undertakes to introduce it to you.

Uzbekistan is full of color. Trade crossroads of Asia, located on the Silk Road. Dreamy Samarkand is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Asia. There are traces of life from the Paleolithic era, around the 8th century BC. Consider the city reminiscent of “One Thousand and One Nights”, it has traces of a time-lost past, a history heavy in the 20th century but also a lot of vibrancy, youth, parks and hot nightlife. The great conqueror Tamerlane has stamped the life of Samarkand, as well as his hometown, Shekhrizab, a city on the way to Bukhara, the medieval city in the depths of Asia.

Khiva, city – open-air museum will enchant you with its grace. You will visit the autonomous republic of Karakalpakstan with the famous Savitskiy museum and the Mizdakhan archaeological complex. Magical places that will take you to the times and places of nomads and conquerors, artisans and bazaars, colors and names. With Exotic Tours you will experience the most complete and boutique travel service, you will enjoy an experience of a lifetime and you will be one of the first to get to know a magical – and still virgin – travel destination.

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